Yin yoga is a really great go-to for finding nourishment and cultivating balance from the inside, guaranteed to make you feel great, in body, mind and spirit, if you are looking for inner and outer health and balance a regular yin practice is essential, although the poses are simple, you may not find all them comfortable, it can be a challenging practice, but in a very quiet way.

Just as important as the right nutrition, is the right movement. If you have a very active life and yoga practice, are an athlete or sit at a desk or in a car for long periods of time, this practice will quietly and gently open your body, soothe your nervous system and calm your mind.

Yin yoga is a wonderful partner to more dynamic practices and forms of yoga. It’s the perfect way to find stillness, to connect with your body and your breath.

Take time to care for and appreciate your wonderful body with this slowing, softening and stilling experience. A gentle approach, mindful attention and awareness  is the key together with developing the skills to find a place where you can stay with a sense of ease, with this key guidance the therapeutic benefits will land in body and mind.

In this practice we become ever more focused on the breath, the anchor to our yoga practice. We start to lengthen the breath, and also start to breathe more subtly.

The effect on your body to slowing your breath is remarkable. There is a very physiological effect on your body as your breath slows. You will immediately feel calmer, and your body will go to its ‘rest and digest’ mode as your breaths lengthen, giving you a chance to relax, renew and restore.

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