Monday 8-9pm - Monday Night Yin Club (live via Zoom)

Tuesday 8-9pm - Yin Yoga, 1st Formby Scout Hut (footpath between Rosemary Lane/Lonsdale Road)

Friday  9.30-10.30am - Yin yoga - 1st Formby Scout Hut

Yoga Class


 I have first hand experience of spending a number of years working in highly pressurised, office environments, suffering from

back ache after sitting at a desk for hours, headaches after staring at a screen all day, just experiencing a general feeling of sluggishness.

You know those days where you get overwhelmed by stress with that all important deadline, or just feel a bit frustrated with one of your team members, or your boss!

Wouldn’t it be nice to take some time out for you?

Are you a caring employer who wants a healthier and happier workforce? An employee who would like to get fit, relax and have fun with your colleagues? Or are  you simply so busy you have no time to leave the office? Why not bring  a regular yoga class to your office?

Classes are suitable for beginners can take place on the office floor, in a boardroom or meeting room. No special space or facilities are required. Participants need to wear clothes that they can move comfortably in and should wait until after class before eating.

For rates and availability please email

Yoga at Home


Are you too busy to get to a regular yoga class? Maybe you just haven’t built up the confidence for a group class yet ? If these strike a chord then a private yoga class in the comfort of your own home could be the best option for you, these can be in person or via skype.


 Following consultation, I will design a bespoke yoga class tailored to meet your needs. The session will be scheduled for a time that suits you and all you will need is a yoga mat and a little space.


Private yoga classes are suitable for beginners , intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners


Pre Pay for ten £450 (£45 per hour)

To be added to the waiting list  please email: