By booking into class you agree to the below terms

Please remember that if we ALL follow the simple rules then we can all continue to practice yoga together. 

Please do not attend if you or a member of your household has symptoms of Covid- 19

Please do not attend if a medic or clinician has advised you to avoid group, indoor activities 

Please wear your mask when entering the hut then take it off if you wish whilst you practice , then pop it on at the end of class when you leave 

Please bring your own mat and any props that you like to use.

 I will not be providing equipment or mats until further notice


Arriving for class
Please keep your mask on until on your mat
Inside please observe strict 1 metre social distancing at all times
You will be required to queue on the path outside the hut, 2m distance, please bring an umbrella as you will not be able to rush straight in. 
Please arrive with at least 5/10 minutes to spare to give us time to file in and settle down. 
Late entry will not be permitted.
There will be hand sanitiser available by the entrance but feel free to bring your own if you prefer  
Please leave your shoes, coats, bags in the office (the small room to the right as you come through main hall door)
The cloakroom will not be in use, so please bring as little as possible.

You will be asked to enter the hall individually

Please put your phone/smart watch on silent and leave it out of the main room with your bag/coat

You will need to fill up the mat spaces from the front of the room in order, there are markers down for you to place your mat

Leaving the hut

You will leave the hut separately using the same first in/last out system
Hand sanitiser will be available for use by the door

I will be following government guidance for the cleaning of frequently touched/used surfaces.
Please try to touch as little as possible (door handles etc)
The room will be naturally ventilated with windows and doors open in the summer. 
As always, we will be using nasal breathing with our mouths closed

I will be required to keep a record of your visit for 21 days.  By attending class you are consenting to your contact details being used by  NHS track and trace if I am required to do so. 
If within 7 days anyone who has attended a class at the hut tests positive for Covid-19 please notify me straight away so that I can notify everyone else that has attended the same class as yourself

Cancellation and Rescheduling – General Information

I believe in having a clear, simple to understand cancellation policy to help avoid confusion and to form clear boundaries. 
All cancellations will be done via the booking system, not via email, message or social media.
Pre booked Drop in Class Cancellation
If it is more than 24 hours before the start of class, you will be credited to your account
If less than 24 hours notice is given then you will be still charged for the class even if there are still spaces available in that class. 

Timetable changes
Peace Love Yoga reserves the right to make schedule changes or cancel classes where necessary

If government guidelines change to the point where classes cannot go ahead no refunds will be offered, all class payments drop ins and class cards will be held on your account as a credit for as long as needed, until classes can re start.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please email