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The foundations, science & philosophy of meditation


The foundations, science & philosophy of meditation


Are you struggling to build a regular meditation practice?

Feeling disappointed or frustrated about your lack of discipline?

So normal…

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the resources and not sure who is trusted source to learn from ?

Been meditating a while and want to deepen & advance your practice?

Let me help…

I’ll gently encourage and teach you how to effortlessly grow a consistent practice, together we will also explore, the essential foundations, science, supporting practices and ancient philosophy of meditation.

You will learn meditation from a truly informed, professionally certified teacher, with many years of personal practice and years of teaching experience.

The truth is meditation isn’t something anyone can teach you, you can be introduced to the tools in the correct traditional  way, but you must be willing to commit to the practice and integrate it into your life to see the changes, for these changes to take place you need to first learn what meditation is and what it isn’t.


If you are keen to join this course, have a read of what previous attendees have to say..


“Having just participated in a meditation course with Carli I can honestly say I am inspired to continue this journey. Carli's approach is honest, heartfelt yet professional. Exploring how to be present with her and our small group felt safe and authentic. If you are intrigued by the potential positivity of meditation, discover this with Carli and you won't regret it! “



“I’ve had an interest in meditation for many years but little success meditating. So signing up to Carliann’s introductory meditation course was in hope rather than an expectation that it would work. Her deep knowledge, warmth and authentic self, however, made meditation accessible, creating an environment of trust where we could ask questions and share experiences. Each week was supplemented by a recording and at the close we received a short recommended reading list, which is proving incredibly helpful. I have continued my daily meditations (between 10-15 minutes) and while I am only at the start of my meditation ‘journey’ (sorry), it has already had a profound effect. This course should be compulsory!”



“It has recently been my great pleasure to attend a seven week course in meditation, run by the wonderful, warm, welcoming, knowledgeable CarliAnn Langley. The small group sessions were absolutely ideal for us to enjoy our sessions. So much so that we all requested a follow on course to develop our meditation further. We enjoyed discussing how our progress that week had gone, relaxation, a variety of meditation techniques and complementary readings. We also received recordings and a recommended reading list. I personally have made a commitment to myself to continue with the realistic ambition of just a minimum of ten minutes per day and it has already made a difference to my life. I cannot recommend this enough!”



“I have just finished a 7 week meditation course with Carli and what a joy it has been. Carli is just the best teacher, so experienced, warm, knowledgeable and inspirational. I was introduced to Carli over a year ago and I can honestly say she has changed my life and I feel that her yoga and meditation practices have introduced me to something really wonderful. Carli is a really special person and I can’t recommend her classes more highly, you won’t be disappointed”



7 weeks online (7 weeks of live classes, plus 7 audio recordings)

Investment: £105 (per household)

WHEN: Wednesday 1st November, class will run every Wednesday for 7 consecutive weeks,  13th December being the last class.

TIME: 8-9pm

Where: live via Zoom, classes are not recorded, you will also receive a separate audio recording to use for your meditation practice at home



Any questions, please reach out

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