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STRESS LESS - COMPASSION & YIN - awareness practices help us attend to ourselves



The wise masters tell us "If you can practice when you are distracted you are well trained"

When are emotions are making us feel like we don’t want to practice or look after ourselves, can we still show up and attend to ourselves.

How do we do this with the overload of to do lists and responsibilities,  we need to detach from the non essential.

Being willing to see yourself clearly is the path, not a wish or a hope, but actually see what is present.

The wisdom minds knows, to practice when we are distracted is a good time to practice, show your busy, distracted mind some compassion, when it comes to yoga, that's much more important than whether you can touch your bloody toes or not!

To try and bring equanimity and balance we could try gratitude, the bad, heavy stuff in life can be so captivating and consuming, it’s not always easy switching the mind to the good stuff, what we are grateful for, however to shift the inner turmoil in the mind, we could try ....... and if gratitude feels hard, try awe, try play, TRY REST

We all need some stimulation or we slide into laziness and boredom. Indeed, boredom can be stressful in itself. For many of us, however, 'over-stimulation', leading to excessive stress, is the issue. We all have different abilities to cope with different circumstances, each person has an optimal stress level, at which they can function well, some people are super resilient yet with complex sensitive nervous systems (myself included)

Stress is life! But excessive stress isn’t good for us, we know this.

In order to avoid excessive stress, it is important to understand its symptoms and causes. Stress - anger, fear, excitement, frustration - stimulates the adrenal glands. So do certain chemical substances. The adrenal glands release adrenalin, which produces a high' almost like a drug. They also release cortisol. Together, these two hormones gear the whole body for action!

If this process happens too often, side-effects build up, minor problems. If nothing is done, major problems may occur…

The adrenal glands can become exhausted from over-stimulation. So can the thyroid, which works closely with the adrenals. A vicious circle is created whereby more and more stimulation is needed to get them working.

We know in a lab stress overload can be measured , but most of us don’t live in labs, and the overwhelming advice in the wellness world these days is a lot!

So how does compassion and awareness help because for all the experts in the world offering all their nuggets of wisdom- ultimately you know yourself, if you are exceeding your ability to cope TAKE CHARGE, drop the non essential, maybe you could commit to ONE of these simple things…


Number 11 is my personal fave



1.      Have a proper lunch break in the working day, sit down, step away from devices enjoy some nourishing food

2.      Enjoy your hobbies, make time for them

3.      Practice yoga, meditation

4.      Have 1 day a week free from routine and lists

5.      Learn how to say no and delegate

6.      Learn when to see a problem is someone else’s and don’t take it on

7.      Spend time in nature

8.      If you have a problem you cant solve alone, reach out to a friend/family member/professional

9.      Don’t supress – ADDRESS – say what's on your mind, if you don’t already embody this philosophy I recommend THE BODY SAYS NO – Gabor Mate

10.  Take time to listen to others

11.  Make time for JOY and PLAY

If you found this article helpful or interesting

Much love



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