Tranquil Tuesday (Yoga for Grief)


free from disturbance; calm:

Yoga for Grief


Grief can be one of the toughest human experiences - it is multi-layered and very individual 


We think of grief such as the loss of a beloved grandparent, however there are many different experiences of grief 


Your heart could be broken & raw after the loss of a beloved partner, adored parent, cherished pet, loss of health, your heart could be confused grieving for someone who is physically here but not emotionally, whether your loss is straight forward or more complex , recent or many years ago, grief is very multifaceted. 

There are many resources  we can lean into , nothing takes the pain away, it’s almost learning how to shape ourselves around it


  • The support of good friends 

  • Family 

  • Support groups

  • Specialist counselling 

  • Looking after your wellness

  • Books 

  • Being in nature 

  • Yoga & meditation

I will be supporting a small group online, bringing together trauma sensitive & trauma informed specialist yoga tools to offer you rest & support 


If you would like to join, early booking is advised




Investment: £60 for 6 consecutive weeks of live Zoom classes, Tuesdays 8-8.45pm

STARTS 31st January 2023 - we will pause during Feb half term so don't worry if you have a trip booked, you won't miss out

(all bookings non refundable)

Please note there will be a short confidential intake form you will need to complete prior to first class


Any questions or if you would like to gift this to a friend, please contact me


To be transparent this is not grief psychotherapy, this is not a magic bullet , there are no promises or guarantees


Yoga for loss isn’t a class to fix anything , it’s an offering of therapeutic rest & support for the body, mind and heart, see this as a journey towards moments of calm, the tools we will use may differ grately from the yoga you are used to, bring an open mind

Psychotherapy mostly focuses on Cognitive work – Trauma Informed Yoga mostly focusses on Embodied healing. One does not take the place of the other, the science of healing advises us they support each other and are both necessary for healing all layers of self.

I look forward to warmly welcoming you