Carliann is a highly trained & experienced yin yoga teacher, with many hours of specialist yin training’s including Insight Yoga; Sarah Powers. She is passionate about sharing the tools of yoga and meditation to assist you in achieving optimal health, physical and mental wellbeing.

She teaches from a place of knowledge and authenticity, truly from the heart.

Yin Yoga is a simple yet deeply powerful and therapeutic practice. Yin offers improved physical and emotional health, healing and wellbeing and a sense of calm and relaxation to even the busiest of minds and tightest of bodies. The energy of Yin draws on the qualities of surrender and softness- giving release to deep tissues in the body. It is a practice of stillness and meditation.

Long held, simple, accessible postures to release holding patterns of deep tension in the body.


Conscious breath work , meditation and relaxation to bring the emotional and energy body back into balance

It’s the essential compliment to your yang, whether that is running, cycling, lifting weights or flow-yoga. The antidote to a busy demanding life. Yin is for everyone, from beginner to advanced.


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