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Yoga Mat and Straps

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A deeply meditative, incredibly healing practice which soothes the nervous system and carves out some much needed time for yourself.



Yin evokes space in both body and mind, works on a deep level into the connective tissue and energy body, towards the release of toxins and negative emotions as we hold seated and lying down postures for longer periods of time.


Exhaustion, overwhelm, stress and anxiety are all too prevalent, Yin is a much needed balm for challenges of modern life, to help you deal with stress and lead a more balanced and peaceful life.


This practice will lead you to place of profound relaxation felt and embodied so deeply in your mind , heart and body


If you have a very active life and yoga practice, are an athlete or sit at a desk or in a car for long periods of time, this practice will quietly and gently open your body, soothe your nervous system and calm your mind.

It’s the perfect way to find stillness, to connect with your body and your breath.


Carliann is passionate about sharing the therapeutic qualities of yin yoga infused with mindfulness, breath work & yoga philosophy, you will journey towards deep states of rest and relaxation 


Take time to care for and appreciate your wonderful body with this slowing, softening and stilling experience.

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