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Carliann Langley has been teaching yoga since 2014, and practicing yoga & meditation in a consistent and dedicated way since her mid 20s. She is inspired by self-improvement and healing and finds yoga to be a natural fit on her path of personal growth, bringing inner peace, wellbeing and contentment. She keeps her enthusiasm and knowledge alive with continued study motivated by her passion for exploring the depths of Yoga (the asana and the philosophy), and experiencing the life changing transformation it offers, both of herself and her students.

As a 1200+ hour certified teacher Carliann has trained with many highly regarded institutes including, Sivananda, British Wheel of Yoga, Traditional Yoga, Insight Yoga and is a Sarah Powers level 2 Yin and Mindfulness trained teacher. Also a qualified Traditional Yoga Meditation teacher, meditation plays an integral role in her journey as a student and teacher. More recently Carliann has completed 200 hours of specialist trauma informed yoga training with Trauma therapy Manchester, Post Traumatic Growth is her area of interest.

Carliann teaches from a place of knowledge and enquiry. She feels it is her regular Yin and Meditation practice that allows her to fuse her knowledge and experience with an intuitive, heart-led approach, bringing head and heart together to guide her students.

She specialises in Yin Yoga, a practice she wholeheartedly believes is all inclusive and benefits mind, body and soul. Yin Yoga is a simple practice that offers improved physical and emotional health, healing and wellbeing and a sense of calm and relaxation to even the busiest of minds and tightest of bodies.

There is a sincere love and passion ingrained throughout Carliann’s classes, that keep her students coming back for more.

Find some stillness and quiet time amidst the busyness of life.



Qualifications, trainings & CPD 

British Wheel of Yoga: Yoga Foundation Level 1

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Sivananda TTC, Neyyar Dam, India

Lesley Dike: Anatomy of the feet

Norman Blair, Yoga Campus,Yin yoga Immersion training

Lesley Dike, Anatomy of the Spine

Traditional Yoga Meditation Teacher Training

Jackie Quayle, Yoga Bank, Yin Yoga Intensive

Jackie Quayle, Yoga Bank, Meridian training

Sarah Powers, Tri Yoga, Yin Yoga Intensive

British Wheel of Yoga: Yoga Foundation Level 2

Tibetan System of Natural Healing, Reiki first degree

Sarah Powers, Insight Yoga, Yin & Mindfulness Level 2 TTC

Intelligent Yoga, Peter Blackaby

Lesley Dike, Anatomy of the Shoulder

Tibetan System of Natural Healing, Reiki second degree

Tibetan System of Natural Healing, Reiki third degree

Judith Hanson Lasater, Relax & Renew, Restorative TTC

Himalayan Therapeutic yoga & meditation 200 hour Yoga Alliance, Traditional Yoga TTC, Dr Kumar

Tom Myers, Anatomy Trains, Tri Yoga online

Tias Little, Holding it all Together: Yoga and Connective Tissue, Yoga Campus online

Nischala Joy Devi, The Secret Power Of Yoga – the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras, Pranamaya online

Carla Stecco, Robert Schleip - Fascia for Movement & Sport Conference, online 

Paul Grilley, Yin Yoga: the Functional Approach, Pranamaya online

Dr Gabor Mate , Compassionate Inquiry (sc)

Susi Wrenshaw, Yoga Therapy: Trauma Sensitive Yoga

100 hour Susi Wrenshaw, Yoga Therapy: Trauma Informed Yoga 

Sarah Powers, Insight Yoga, Silent retreat, Italy

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