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Why Runners need yin yoga

Running has always been popular, but even more now we can’t get to the gym, however When clocking up the miles, the risks of experiencing some type of discomfort or injury is inevitable at some point.

Here’s the good news, though, you can start a practice many wise runners and athletes already do to minimise the risk of injury, enhance your performance and allow you to feel at ease in your body.

If you’re a runner, YOU NEED TO YIN

Yin is gentle, steady, quiet, yet challenging! it allows you to dig deep, both physically and mentally.

You’ll hold the shapes for 3-6 minutes in order to bring more mobility and space to the body, the pace is slow! I know most runners would rather spend their time pounding the pavement than sit still for several minutes at a time, it’s not easy for those on the go, striving mindsets, but I promise the benefits of yin yoga are too good to ignore, you’ll get more from this practice than you can ever imagine.

Yin yoga is all about function, allowing your tissues to slide and glide and move as they were intended too!

Yin yoga is the ideal complement to running and one of the best practices for your physical and mental well-being, if you don’t believe the hype, head to my testimonial page:

What can yin do for YOU


Yin helps release the tension that builds in your body (in the fascia) helping improve your mobility & flexibility


Yin works really well for getting the blood moving, which aids with recovery, helping your muscles repair themselves faster, which improves your recovery rate between runs


Some of the consistent feedback I get from my clients is reduced anxiety, improved sleep quality, they feel distance from their stress and worries after an hour of yin

Sounds good right…

I’ll see you for some yin

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